frozen power

How we work

Why do we combine strategic advice, branding and visual design?

Because we are convinced that all these components together contribute to the success of a brand and should therefore not be treated separately from each other. We understand and act as a sparring partner in search of the best result for the individual problem of your product. And that applies to your business success and the underlying goals and numbers as well as to your appearance. After all, what’s the point of the most perfect graphic design if the content bypasses the core target audience or the existing qualifications in the company? The success of a brand has two faces. One is inconceivable without the other.

Living the Brand

You don’t just develop a strong brand by placing a logo on everything and making it in the same color. The brand comes to life because everything is permeated by it. Whether someone hears you speaking at a conference, calls customer service, enters your store, or visits your website. In everything you do it must be clear what you stand for.

Brand building

A brand is a living organism. Maintaining and building your brand is a continuous process. From creating valuable interactions with your brand. Communicate, activate, build brand ambassadors, manage brand architecture, evolve.

Brand making

In this phase we develop the tangible elements of the brand create a face an voice, make sure it is yours to keep, create a brand book, create first experiences, Launch!

Brand thinking

In this phase we develop a blueprint for the brand. Determine the essence and brainstorm about your identity: How do we want the core to be visible to the outside world. How does this get a face and voice? Which interactions are appropriate, who is your target group? And what actions are needed in it.

Brand sensing

In this phase we get to know your company and your target group better. We collect, information, insights and inspiration what we need to create a brand. We dive into the world of your (potential) target group. Discover what you stand for, analyze the market and your competitors and determine your position in this.